Sunday, February 12, 2006

Misc. info. about Secret Pal

There will be a questionnaire that I will post which you will need to answer on your blog. The questions will be information for your Secret Pal Buyer to get an idea of what you may or may not like, your hobbies, etc. It will be like a guideline for the Secret Pal Buyer. I need input on what questions to ask... So if you can think of something you may need to know or want to know about the Secret Pal your will be buying for...Email it to me at

Once all the secret pals are passed out, we can continue to do this for 3, 6, or even 12 months. I would like some input from everyone on how long this should go on. At the end of that time, we can start over and possibly change names to all that want to do it again. I think it is normally done for 6 or 12 months but I'm going to leave that up to everyone.

I hope that once we get started, everyone will continue to do their part until the end of it. But if for chance someone can't, if they will just let me know, I'll make sure that their Secret Pal continues to receive something until the end... (I will call this Secret Pal Elves) If 2 people stop doing it, the other 2 will be linked up. (I sure hope I made sense trying to explain that).

Just keep in mind that this is suppose to be fun and not stressful! Each gift should be small, inexpensive, or homemade - it’s the thought of being remembered that counts! A little card in the mailbox can make someone's day!


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